Every Celtic supporter will know that the club was founded to help alleviate the crushing poverty being experienced in the East End of Glasgow in the 1880s. A circular distributed in January 1888 was clear on the purposes of the new club. It stated: ‘A football club will be formed for the maintenance of dinner tables for the children and the unemployed.’  In the 128 years since then the Celtic supporters have never forgotten the founding principles of the club and continue to raise money for those less fortunate in a huge variety of ways.

Celtic, as we often like to say, is a club like no other and the supporters are its heart and soul. In good times and bad it is the supporters who carry the club through and back the team in that inimitable way they have become famous for. It is the supporters who do so much for those less fortunate and keep Walfrid’s spirit burning bright. They cycle, run, do the ‘Huddle’ on the top of mountains and a thousand other things to raise funds for worthy causes. I have seen their kindness to each other and to strangers they have only just met.  That is the real spirit of Celtic and I hope it continues to burn bright for as long as the club exists.

In purchasing this (160 page A5 Paperback) book you are helping to keep that tradition alive as all profits made will be given to worthy charities. Hopefully you will enjoy the stories it contains as they reflect on the triumphs and disasters of the club’s history as well as reflecting on the lives and experiences of the ordinary supporters who are the life blood of the club. In an age where money seems to be the prime motivator for many in football it’s good that ordinary football fans remember those less fortunate and remember the reason their club was founded in the first place. The sheer scale of the poverty of the 1880’s may be consigned to history but many in our society are still struggling to get by.

Thank you for purchasing this book; in doing so you keep faith with the past and ensure that Walfrid’s legacy is continuing into the future. His vision was of football being a vehicle for good, long may that continue.

Hail Hail

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